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During around the time I was going to City of Hope for my stem cell transplant, I knew I was going to have a lot of spare time to work on storing my photos for my website and also to investigate some of our family history. Most of my research success has come from using, a site run and maintained by the Mormon church. They do a wonderful job of archiving historical documents, not only from the US, but from México as well. I found documentation on my Mom’s side without too much trouble, but am having difficulty in finding much of anything from my Dad’s side. I will continue to look for some of his story. I did find one relative through 23nMe DNA website whose great grandmother, Eulogia Rios, is related to my Dad although at the time none of us knew how till later on through persistence and mostly luck. She lived in an area of San Luis Potosí, known as Hacienda de Bocas, quite a ways from El Rincón where Mom was from.

I will post the documents I have found in chronological order with a little explanation below each.

Name: Maria Yrenea Vigil Castillo
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 15 Jul 1867
Father’s Name: Jose Vigil
Mother’s Name: Cipriana Castillo
Maternal Grandfather’s Name: Jose Maria Castillo
Maternal Grandmother’s Name: Longina Alejos

This is a record of baptism for our great grandmother, Bartolo’s Mom, Yrenea Vigil, in 1867 at Villa de Hidalgo

Name: Margarito Castillo
Spouse’s Name: Ma. Yrenea Vigil
Event Date: 07 Jan 1885
Event Place: Villa De Hidalgo,San Luis Potosi,Mexico

This is marriage document for our great grandfather, Margarito Castillo, Bartolo’s father. Married in Villa de Hidalgo on 1885. Yrenea was 18 at time of marriage. Margarito’s birth date continues to elude.

Gumesindo Perez, cousin of Dad, baptism record in 1892, same year Dad was supposedly born. Baptism was in Mexquitic de Carmona, a long way from Villa de Hidalgo to the south east. His mother, Eulogia Rios, a cousin of Dad, baptized her three children all in this same area of San Luis Potosí, although at different churches.  His record is lower left of ledger

1911 Bartolo Castillo jpeg

Grandfather Bartolo was traveling to San Antonio, Texas, at the age of 25, traveling alone at time. Lists his father as Margarito Castillo

Name: Diega Loredo
Arrival Date: 26 Jan 1917
Arrival Port: Laredo
Gender: Female
Race: Mexican
Photograph Included: No
Affiliate Record Identifier: A3379_54-0073

In 1917, great grandmother, Diega Loredo, traveled to Laredo, Texas, to work in fields picking cotton with rest of the family

Name: Gertrudes Castillo
Arrival Date: 26 Jan 1917
Arrival Port: Laredo
Gender: Female
Race: Mexican
Photograph Included: No
Affiliate Record Identifier: A3379_12-5088

Mom, traveling with Abuelo, Abuela and Teofilo in January of 1917. Entered at Laredo probably on the way to work the cotton fields. Mom was 4 years old at this time

Name: Maria Cuevas
Event Type: Immigration
Event Date: 1917
Event Date (Original): 1917
Event Place: Laredo, Webb, Texas, United States
Gender: Female
Age: 52
Birth Year (Estimated): 1865
Birth Country: Mex

Great Grandmother, Nicolasa (Mama Gasa) Cuevas, traveling with the family to Texas in 1917. Norberto, Mama Gasa, Bartolo, Diega, Mom and Teofilo were all together on this journey in 1917

1917 Teofilo & Bartolo Castillo jpeg

Tío Teofilo was traveling with grandfather Bartolo, in 1917, when he was 1 year old. They were en route to Hillsboro, Texas, probably to work the cotton fields. Abuela Diega was also traveling with them

1917 Teofilo Castillo(2) jpeg

Tío Teofilo’s admission to Laredo, Texas, 1917

Name: Norberto Loredo
Event Type: Immigration
Event Date: 1917
Event Date (Original): 1917
Event Place: Laredo, Webb, Texas, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 67
Birth Year (Estimated): 1850
Birth Country: Mx

Great grandfather, Norberto Loredo, traveling with family to Texas in 1917. Norberto was father in law to Bartolo, so makes sense they were all together to work the fields. He was 67 at this time. Not exactly a young guy for this kind of trip

1917 Norberto Loredo 3 jpeg

Great Grandfather Norberto’s admission to Texas in January of 1917

1917 Dad jpeg

Dad traveling to Laredo, Texas, in April of 1917. Traveling alone, lists his last residence as Aguascalientes. Not traveling with our family then as he maybe didn’t know them and Mom was only 4 years old in 1917. The Revolución was still going on, maybe he had already been shot up and was just getting away from the violence. No idea as to why he would be coming from Aguascalientes.

1919 Ynasia Castillo Death Certificate jpeg

In August of 1919, our grandparents lost a child, Ynasia, at the age of 7 months due to acute indigestion. They were living on a farm near Norwood, Texas which is near Waco.

1922 Cesilio Castillo Death Certificate jpeg

Then again in February 1922, our grandparents lost another child, Cecelio, at the age of 3 months due to bronchial pneumonia. They were living on the Steiner Farm in Waco, Texas at this time. Unbelievably tough times for our family back then. Mom was 9 years old at this time but she never mentioned to any of us of her little brother’s passing.

1930 Lara Clan Census jpeg

Found this census taken in 1930 of the rancho, Cerro Grande, where our Tía Juanita’s family was from. The Lara clan can be seen on lines 3-7, 16-21 and 31-39.

Diega Loredo Castillo Death jpeg

Then very unexpectedly, Abuela Diega passed away in May of 1935 from pneumonia while they were living in Waco, Texas, probably living on a farm while working the fields. So now Abuelo is left to care for the brood by himself, but at least Mom is now 22 years of age and guess she picked up all of the slack cooking, cleaning and washing.

1939 Teofilo Castillo jpeg

Just a few years later, Teofilo leaves alone for Waco, Texas in 1939, he being the oldest son now at 23 years of age

Marriage Certificate

The year before, 1938, Mom and Dad are married in Waco. No idea as to when Mom took off with Dad to Texas, but it had to be sometime after the passing of Abuela in 1935. Tio Beto believes that this happened in 1937 when the family was due to go back to the Rincón and Mom took off and hid somewhere with Dad. So Mom is gone and Teofilo too, leaving Abuelo to care for Fidel, Bartolo, Gabriel and Norberto by himself

Draft Registration 1942 a

In 1942 Dad had to register for the draft. Mom and Dad were living on a farm in Valley Mills, TX, just outside of Waco, TX.

Name: María Eulogia Rios
Gender: Mujer
Age: 22
Birth Year: 1868
Registration or Marriage Date: 6 Nov 1890
Registration or Marriage Place: Mexquitic, San Luis Potosí, México
Spouse: Pamposo Perez
Mother: Lazara Rios
Page number: 122
Household Members:
Espiridiona Sanchez
Lazara Rios
Pedro Perez
Pamposo Perez

This is the marriage between Pomposo Perez and Eulogia Rios and how we are related to the Perez from Colton, CA. Lázara Rios is Dad’s Tía and mother of Eulogia. Pedro is Pomposo’s dad and Espiridiona Sanchez is his wife. Most of the Perez and Rios clans has moved to Mexquitic de Carmona where baptisms and marriages took place at the same church, San Miguel Arcángel.

Melquiades Rios Marriage

At upper right is the official recording of the marriage of Melquiades Rios, Dad’s sister, to Santos Caldera in 1909. This is the how we became to be related to the Caldera clan from Chihuahua/Coahuila. They were both 26 at the time and originally he was from the state of Zacatecas and she from San Luis Potosí, but they were married in Nuevo Leon which is close to the TX border

Name: Norberto Loredo
Gender: Hombre
Age: 29
Birth Year: 1857
Registration or Marriage Date: 6 Ene 1886
Registration or Marriage Place: Iturbide, San Luis Potosí, México
Spouse: Nicolasa Cuevas
Father: Eugenio Loredo
Mother: Maria Cecilia Rosales
Page number: 2
Household Members:
Zeferino Cuevas
Maria Nabor Reyes
Norberto Loredo

Marriage of Mama Gasa to Norberto Loredo at Iturbide, 1886. This was the name used before it was changed to Villa de Hidalgo. He was already kind of old at the time, she was 23. His parents are there, Eugenio and Maria Cecelia and her parents as well, Zeferino and Maria Nabor Reyes

Delfino Rios Birth 1885

Record of Delfino’s birth, 1885, Ahualuco, San Luis Potosí

Delfino Marriage 1921

Record of Delfino’s marriage to Eloisa Perez, in 1921, Coahuila

Eulalia Rios 1921

Eulalia Rios Birth

These two documents record the birth of Eulalia Rios, Delfino’s daughter, in 1921.

Delfino Rios Death 1922

Delfino died the following year,1922, from the Spanish Flu which killed millions in the early 1900’s

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