Our Family Ancestry

I began to research Mom and Dad’s histories around 2017 when I got out of the City of Hope hospital and had a lot of downtime doing a whole lot of nothing. I sort of began my WordPress site and the joined Ancestry around the same time. But I think I joined Heritage, then 23andMe first before realizing they were not very helpful in tracking down history and that is when I joined Ancestry and found them to be quite helpful. I also found Family Search.org as another site in finding about family history. The Mormon church needs to be credited for doing a lot of volunteer work in helping everyone find their ancestors stories and history. The information provided on our families going back about 200 years comes mostly from Ancestry’s computers. As you enter data of someone into the family tree you are building, the computers sniff out the connection to other ancestors and send you a hint of another person and asks if this person might be related. If you accept the hint, the computer automatically puts it into the tree under the specific name of the person you entered. Sometimes there are quite a few hints and you need to go thru each to see if they are related. Often times there is someone with a similar name but from another region. In 2019 members got a ancestry lineage report showing what they thought might be all of your ancestors going back quite a ways. There were a lot of names to go through and sort out who belonged to who. I found that almost everyone listed was an ancestor, I just had to piece together the puzzle to figure out who belonged to who. All of what is listed below is the result of that. I begin with my Mom’s side first with her parents, Bartolo and Diega, and finish up with my Dad’s side of which I found out was quite large and I am still coming up with names here and there.

Bartolo (1888-1981)  and Diega Loredo (1889-1935)

Bartolo’s parents:Margarito Castillo (1857-1927) and Yrenea Vigil (1867-1933)

Margarito and Yrenea’s children: Bartolo, Quirino, Juan, Julio, Catarino, Candelaria, Victoria, Maria

Margarito’s parents:Juan Castillo (1817?) and Feliciana Vigil (1829-1903)

Juan & Felicianas children: Manuel 1850, Margarito 1857, Prajedis 1852, Urbano 1844, Petra 1846, Maxima 1848, Pascual 1841, Franco 1839, Barbara 1837

Yrenea’s parents: Jose Leonides Vigil (1841-) and Cipriana Castillo (1844-1901)

Leonides and Cipriana’s children; Yrenea 1867, Bernabe 1869, Margarito 1871, Paulin 1874, Norberto 1875, Perfecto 1877, Gerarda 1880

Cipriana’s parents: Jose Maria Castillo (1811) Maria Longina Alejos (1819)

Maria Longina Alejos parents: Felipe de Jesus Alejos (1798-1882), Maria Dominga Morales (1801)

Children of Felipe & Maria: Maria Longina (1819), Maria Antonia (1821), Maria Carmen (1823), Jose Pedro (1829)

Felipe de Jesus Alejos parents: Felipe de Jesus Alejos (1773), Margarita Ruis (1773)

Juan Cipriano Ordones (1781), Maria Josefa Sanchez, parents of Marcelo Ordones

Cirilo’s parents: Marcelo Ordones, Maria Feliciana Bargas, married 1809

Marcelo & Feliciana’s children: Jose Agustin, Josefa Maldonado

Leonides Vigil’s parents: Jose Cirilo Vigil (1820), Maria Paulina Ordones (1821)

Cirilo Vigil’s parents: Francisco Vigil (1800), Maria Ysabel Castillo

Diega Loredo’s parents:

Norberto Loredo (1848/1850-1935), Nicolasa Cuevas (1863-1959

Norberto’s parents:

Eugenio Loredo (1818), Casilda Rosales (1823)

Eugenio and Casilda’s children: Benigna (1844), Norberto (1848), Clara (1840) Maria Felix (1855)

Eugenio’s parents: Pablo Loredo, Manuela Ribera

Casilda’s parents: Juan Rosales, Antonia Castilleja

Nicolasa Cuevas parents:

Seferino Cuevas (1837-1917), Maria Nabor Reyes (1835-1917)

Children of Seferino Cuevas and Maria Reyes:

Macedonio (1872), Regino (1872), Placida (1870-1912), Nicolasa (1864-1959),

Teodoro (1865), Francisca (1868-1912), Desideria (1875-1956)

Seferino’s parents: Jose Maria Cuevas, Maria Faustina Dimas, Eugenio Reyes (1813), Pascuala Vasquez (1821-1881) Maria Navor Reyes parents

Jose Luis de Jesus Dimas (1761), Maria Luisa Basquez (1760), parents to Maria Faustina Dimas, Cristobal Dimas (1740), Maria Matiana de la Cruz (1740) parents of Jose Luis Dimas

Joseph Deciderio Trinidad Reyes Mendes (1793-1861), Maria Inocenia Abila (1793), parents to Eugenio Reyes Jose & Ponciana Rosales, Maria San Jose de Abila (1775), parents to Maria Ynocenica Abila

Geronimo Vasquez, (1790), father to Pascuala VasquezYsidro Antonio Reyes (1770), Maria Rosalia Mendes, (1770), parents of Joseph Reyes Mendes Dad’s Family:Espiridiona Rios, (1846/1848-1904), Dad’s Mom, Sostenes Rios (1827-1896) Jesusa Saucedo (1832-1892), Espiridiona’s parents. Sostenes and Jesusa’s children: Espiridiona (1848-1904), Lázara (1849) Juan de la Cruz (1853) Dionicio (1855) Arcadia (1859) Asunción (1861) Esutacio (1864) Amada (1866)Jose Sebastian Rios (1808-1896)

Sesaria Sustayta (1816) , Sostenes’ parents, Sebastian and Sesaria’s children: Maria Ysidra de la Asención (1817) Maria Christobal (1819) Jose Sostenes (1827)Elenterio Saucedo

Maria del Jesus Valerio, Jesusa Saucedo’s parents     





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