Family History in Fotos (1)

Most of these photos were found in my Mom’s large truck after she passed away. I had not seen hardly any of them and when I began to scan and download I did not recognize many of the people in the photos and thus do not know who all of them are. But the ones I do know, I have tried to add the information on each photo that I do know something about. Many are from the old country, some are from TX and many are from when we were all kids growing up in Long Beach and Hawaiian Gardens.

Abuelita Diega 1891-1935Mama Gasa 2 (2)

Diega Loredo, our Abuela, and our her Mom, Nicolasa Cuevas (Mama Gasa), our great grandmother

Gumecindo Perez
Gumesindo Perez, Dad’s primo

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