Margarito and Irenea, Bartolo’s Parents

Margarito Castillo was born in 1862, Rio Verde, and died in 1927 at 65 years of age

Irenea Vigil was born in either 1866 or 1867 and died in 1933

Margarito and Irenea were married in 1885 at Villa de Hidalgo

Irenea’s father was Jose Vigil and her mother Cipriana Castillo

Margarito’s parents were Rafael Castillo and Rafaela Mejía

They had 5 sons and three daughters. The sons were Bartolo, (1886-1981),Quirino, (1888-1977) Julio, (1894-1972) Juan (1903-) and Catarino (1905 -). They also had 3 daughters, Victoria, Maria Lucía and Candelaria. Victoria died in infancy, born in 1900 and died the same year at 5 months of age. Maria Lucia was born in 1897 and died in 1899. Candelaria was born in 1892. She married at 16 to Dámaso Castillo, also from the Rincon but his family is from rancho Lagunillas. The last record found on her was a census from 1930 where she lived with her husband, Dámaso Castillo, in Allende, Coahuila, with her three children, Juan, Petra and Concepción.

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