Hermanos Castillo

Abuelo Bartolo aug 24 1886-1981Abuelita Diega 1891-1935

Bartolo Castillo 1886 – 1981, Calfornia

Diega Loredo 1891 – 1935

Married Diega Loredo in 1912

Bartolo and Diega, our grandparents, had 8 children: Gertrudis, Teofilo, Fidel, Bartolo, Gabriel and Norberto. Tragically, they had two  children that died in infancy. Ynasia was 5 months old when she died in 1919 and Cecelio was 3 months old when he died in 1922. Abuela Diega died in 1935, Norwood, Texas, at the age of 44 from pneumonia. Two of the brothers married two sisters. Bartolo married Diega Loredo and Julio married Eustolia Loredo.

What came to light, by accident, in 2019, was the discovery of two sisters of the brothers that died in infancy. Victoria Castillo was born in 1900 and died at 5 months of age. the other, Maria Lucia Castillo, was born on 1897 and died in 1899. There was a third sister, Candelaria, born in 1893. She married Dámaso Castillo, also from the Rincon, but his family was originally from rancho Lagunillas, in 1908. After marriage they moved to Allende, Coahuila. In the 1930 census, it shows they had three children; Juan, Petra and Concepción

011 Tio Quirino, Tia Maria, Mom011 Tio Quirino, Tia Maria, Mom

Quirino Castillo 1888 – 1977

Maria Vargas 1890 – 1969

Married Maria Vargas in 1908

At the 1930 census they had 7 children living with them; George, Bartolo, Reymundo, Antonia, Fidel, Pablo and Jesusa

Julio picture134 Tia Eustolia

Julio Castillo 1894 – 1972, Calfornia

Eustolia Loredo 1891 – 1985, California

Married Eustolia Loredo, 1932

Juan pictureRegina

Juan Castillo 1903 – unknown date of death

Regina Sifuentes 1905 – 1997

Married Regina Sifuentes, she was from El Tepozan, Cerritos

At the 1930 census they had 9 children; Rosa, Timotea, Andrea, Desideria,
Ventura, Tereso, Agapito and Santos


Catarino Castillo 1905 – unknown date of death

married Virginia Campian 1905 –

As of the 1930 census they had 4 children; Blas, Jesus, and Pilar

Candelaria Castillo 1893- 1972

Damaso Castillo 1888 – 1967

Married Damaso Castillo 1908

As of the 1931 census they had 4 children; Francisca, Juan, Petra and Concepción

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