Family Trees

I have found that families married other close families, and sometimes married other relatives. A lot of the ranchos were populated by the same families so you has to meet someone at a fiesta from another rancho that was not a relative. Even though the ranchos weren’t super close to each other, it looks like everyone knew each other and that had a lot to do with close marriages between families.

4 thoughts on “Family Trees”

  1. I’m Dave Valdez the grandson of Jose Castillo. He lived in Hawaiian Gardens and is from Rincon Del Refugio. He has alot of grandkids that can contribute to the site.
    Also my mom said your doing a great job.


    1. Was this Jose Castillo the one married to Daria? His father would have been Julio Castillo.
      I started a blog that I will invite you view. It has a lot of general history of the familia and photos. It is mainly focused on my immediate family, but I wanted to leave some history for the younger generation to have a clue as to our history


      1. My blog is mainly about my immediate family, no way I could include all of the Castillo tribe, just way too many people. Just in the Gardens between Jose, Julio, Gabriel, Norberto and Tula there are a ton of people. Bartolo in TX and Fidel and Teofilo from Wisconsin are just another whole bunch of familia.


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