Family Trees

One thing I found out while searching for history was while compiling the family trees, was that there was marriages between close family ties. Abuelo Bartolo’s sister, Candelaria, married Dámaso Castillo, whose father, Ygnacio Castillo was ancestor in Tía Paula’s family. This Castillo clan was from the rancho Lagunillas and just a different tribe of Castillos. One of Tía Juanita’s brothers married Patricia Castillo, daughter of Quirino Castillo and Maria Gallardo. Maria is Tía to tía Paula and Quirino Castillo had a son, Hilario, that married Mom’s 1st cousin, Conrada. Quirino Castillo was also from Langunillas and also another Castillo clan not blood related to ours.

Rios Castillo Family Tree
Jose Rios Family Tree
Jose Rios, Dad’s cousin. I believe this to be Dad’s 1st cousin. Jose’s father is Eustacio, who is Dad’s Tío. He even bears quite a resemblance to Dad. Jose and his father along with their wives and family finally settled in Colton and spent their final years there although we had no clue that they were that close to us. More of the Rios mystery.

Gallardo Family Tree, Tía Paula’s Familia
Lara Family Tree, Tía Juanita’s Familia
Perez Rios Family Tree, Perez Family from Colton
Emeteria Family Tree, Tía Teresa’s from Wisconsin Familia

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