Abuela, Diega Loredo, (1891 -1935)

Abuela Diega Loredo had four sisters: Eustolia, Lorenza, Gabina and Guadalupe. All of the sisters eventually married men whose last name was Castillo although not all were related, merely from different clans. Gabina married Porfirio and Eustolia married Julio who was abuelo Bartolo’s brother. So we have two sisters marrying two brothers, Eustolia marrying Julio and Diega marrying Bartolo.

Abuela Diega passed away at a very young age from pneumonia while in Texas, mostly likely there helping to pick cotton or other crops before returning back to El Rincón. I can recall Tío Beto relating to me that although he was quite young when this happened, he remembers they were in a very rural area which means that no medical help was close by to help.

Our grandparents lost two children, both very young, and probably due to the rural location they were in, suffered premature deaths. The first child, Ynasia, passed at 7 months old from acute indigestion in 1919.Ynasia Castillo Death Certificate

The second child, Cecelio, passed in 1922 from pneumonia at about 3 months of age. Unimaginable to know how devastating this was to our grandparents. These were tough times for everyone, medical care not a given for anyoneCesilio Castillo Death Certificate

But Abuela somehow dealt with these losses and continued to care for the family, traveling back and forth between San Luis Potosí and Texas until she finally succumbed to pneumonia in 1935 at the young age of 44

Diega Loredo Castillo Death jpeg

Abuela’s death certificate, 1935, Asa, TX

004 Abuelas Headstone, Waco, Tejas

007 Abuelita and Mom

Abuela and Mom, maybe Mom was around a teenager at this time

005 Mom & Abuelita

Painting done of Mom, Abuela and one of the boys. Original was in color

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