Road Trip 1985

Coming Home

We planned on making a cross country trip for some time, wanting to see the country with our kids and have them experience a world unknown to them at this age. Tacho was 12, Pops was about 10 and Nene was 4. We had picked out a few places of interest, like Niagara Falls, The Baseball Hall of Fame in New York, Yellowstone and of course to stop by and vacation with our Wisconsin family and let the kids meet a bunch of new cousins. We began when school got out and came back not too long before school began again. We wound up making it to all of the places we had planned. And on the way back we were able to come back home through Northern California and were fortunate to have time to be able to stop in Redding and visit with a dear family friend, Mr. and Mrs. Hagan, from the old neighborhood, who had relocated to Redding. During the entire trip we had only one hiccup in Maryland when the distributor broke. A farmer gave me a ride into the closest town whose auto parts store had only one of these left. Then on the way back, I was picked up by a rock Christian band that gave me a ride back to the truck and we didn’t wind up losing that much time thanks to some nice strangers. The boys wound up making a journal of our journey detailing where we traveled each day and what they saw and how far we drove too.



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