Aguilar Familia – Esther’s Familia

Aguilar Family (2)

Artie, Esther, Mom, Marge, Ernest

Aguilar Family

Tia Dolores, Tia Nellie, Mom, Tia Eloisa, Christina

Sarah, Bianca, Tio Paul, Tio Genaro

Esther, Mom, Margie

Esther, Mom and Marge

Genaro, Mom, Paul

Tio Genaro, Mom, Tio Paul

Paul, Esther

Tia Dolores, Tio Paul, Esther

Tío Paul

Larry and his brothers, Rick, John with Dad and Mom,

Tio Paul singing

Tio Paul, Tia Genaro

Tio Bobby, Mom, Tia Eloisa, Tio Genaro

Tia Nellie, Mom, Esther, Tia Dolores

Artie’s wife, Peanie, Linda, Tia Eloisa

Tia Toni, Artie

Tio Genaro, Artie, Tio Bobby

Aunt Nallie, Joe’s sister, Uncle Lawrence

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